Faux inspiration!

3 Bears made of faux ivory, by Luann Udell

Here are some links and inspiration to help get you revved up for our upcoming faux demos in 2011!

We’ll be seeing demonstrations for making faux ivory/bone and jade.  Here is a short supply list for you to start working on and gathering up before our meetings:

– your usual polymer clay tools
– at least 2 – 2oz. blocks of translucent polymer clay
– at least 1 – 2oz. block of white polymer clay
– at least 1 – 2oz. block of ecru OR beige clay
– some small amounts of blue, green, and yellow polymer clays

Polymer Clay Daily has some posts on faux ivory and bone.  Check out this post, from May 31st, on artists Luann Udell, Genevieve Williamson, and Elvira Lopez del Prado.  And this one, from June 4th featuring Laurie ProphaterSarajane Helm’s site also has some examples of her Victorian Hand Beads made of faux ivory which I must say are quite exquisite!

Mixed-media necklace with faux bone pendant, by DesertWindDesigns

 If you do a search on Polymer Clay Daily for faux jade, there are a number of posts as well.  One of those mentioned Lynda Moseley‘s research which resulted in her discovering that there are six different colors of natural jade.  Did you know that?  I sure didn’t!

Faux jade earring, by ojamaa9design
Asian necklace by Margit Böhmer

There are also different resources for you to learn about faux techniques.  There are many books which include faux tutorials, with at least a couple of them having that as their focus:

Victoria (Tory) Hughes’ book: Polymer – The Chameleon Clay
Irene Semanchuk Dean’s book: Faux Surfaces in Polymer Clay

And of course, you can find lots of tutorials and tips online if you Google “faux ivory bone polymer clay” or “faux jade polymer clay.”

These appear to be faux bone/ivory over pill bottles, by Michelle Ross

 Are you excited??  People will be asking if your pieces are “faux” real!  Haha.  Okay, I couldn’t resist!

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  1. Tejae: Heart Shaped Art says:

    beautiful collection! I can't wait for our meeting!!

  2. Jainnie says:

    I'm looking forward to it as well, Tejae!

  3. You guys have fired up your website…very nice! Kudos.